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    Smoked Barbecue Bacon Steak Rolls

    Talk About Great Steak and Bacon Flavor all Wrapped Into One!

    The secret to this incredible delicacy lies in what’s inside.  The flavors combined here make this more then just a meat lovers delight.  They come with an abundance of flavor from the inside out.

    You can use whatever you want, but we recommend following the recipe here your first time out.  Plus, remember not to cook these over direct heat; especially with really fatty bacon as the chances of a serious flare-up is there.  You don’t want to burn these you want to slow cook them to turn out the flavors and keep everything nice and tender.

    Make sure you watch the video all the way through so you can see the secret to perfect Smoked Barbecue Bacon Steak Rolls!

    Want the Simple Directions for Making this?  Click the “Next” button below!

    Here’s How Ya Do it:

    Cube Steaks, sometimes referred to as minute steaks

    Use a meat mallet to thin them out and to further tenderize.

    You can also marinade them for a few hours beforehand using your favorite steak marinade.

    Season; add fresh garlic, green onions or what you like as shown in the video.

    Wrap with good quality thick cut Pork Belly Bacon.

    Place them opposite the coals, using indirect heat in a 250 F to 275 F heated grill.

    Baste the Bacon Steak Rolls during the last 1/2 hour with your favorite BBQ sauce…

    Remove when bacon is done the way you like it, about 1-1.5 hours of “low and slow”..!



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