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    Incredibly Moist Smoked Chicken without a Smoker

    Smoked Chicken without a Smoker?

    Sounds crazy right, but if you are used to smoking chicken on your outdoor smoker you know how tough it can be to get it just right.  Plus, making it come out moist instead of dry is always a challenge.

    Not with this method from ChefSteps.

    The chicken gets its flavor from a brine and glaze, both of which feature liquid smoke. The combination of the two results in a juicy, succulent bird with great flavor and crispy amber skin. And, since it makes use of an oven rather than a smoker, anyone can make this tasty bird without any special equipment. (That’s not entirely true; you will need a syringe, but those are much cheaper than a smoker.)

    For the Ingredients and Step by Step Directions, Click the “Next” Button Below.


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