Wood Smoked Chicken

Spice Rubbed, Beer Steamed, Wood Smoked Chicken

If You Love Beer Can Chicken, Then You Have to Try This! With just the right spices you can smoke the ultimate beer can chicken...
Meat Smoking Times and Temperatures

The Best Meat Smoking Times and Temperatures for Your Favorite Meats

Want awesome results each and every time you get out your smoker? Get started with the best times and temperatures for smoking your favorite meats. ...
Smoked Barbecue Bacon Steak Rolls

Smoked Barbecue Bacon Steak Rolls

Talk About Great Steak and Bacon Flavor all Wrapped Into One! The secret to this incredible delicacy lies in what's inside.  The flavors combined here...





13 Barbecue Joints In Tennessee You Must Try Before You Die

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How to Smoke on a Gas or Charcoal Grill

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Upgrade to a High-Tech BBQ with These 7 Must-Have Products

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Happy Grilling!

Break in that New Grill With Attitude!

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Shotgun Petes

21 BBQ Joints in Missouri to Add to Your Bucket List Now

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The Ultimate Holiday Smoked Turkey

Smoked Turkey
The Best Smoked Turkey Ever from the Grill or Even Your Oven! It all starts with a simple set of ingredients and a set of...