Bacon Ribs

Incredible Double Smoked Bacon Wrapped Ribs

Ribs with Bacon?  It doesn't get more Gratuitous then this! This is one of those recipes where you ask yourself, "why haven't I tried this...

Incredibly Moist Smoked Chicken without a Smoker

Smoked Chicken without a Smoker? Sounds crazy right, but if you are used to smoking chicken on your outdoor smoker you know how tough it...
Jack and Coke Steak

Delectable Jack and Coke Steak

Let Your Steak Do the Drinking for Once and Get a Taste of Awesomeness! Its not every day that you use a little Jack Daniels...





Grilled Pizza Napoletana

Grilled Pizza Napoletana Recipe

Want a Great Recipe for Grilled Pizza? If you loved our awesome Guide to Grilled Pizza here, then you might want a nice, well thought...
Meatball bombs

Bacon Meatball Onion Bombs

This Will Make You Light Up Your Grill! If you are looking for new recipes to light up your grill (or Your Smoker) this summer...

Upgrade to a High-Tech BBQ with These 7 Must-Have Products

Ah, cookout season. It's just around the corner but are you ready? Sure, backyard BBQs are fun if someone else is hosting. Something about...
Happy Grilling!

Break in that New Grill With Attitude!

Happy Grilling Everyone! Just thought you needed some motivation to get your grill going!  After seeing this we just had to post it! Whether you are...
20 Best BBQ Joints in America

The 20 Best BBQ Joints in America

Here are 20 More Great Tasting Reasons to Travel This Year! Get your cross country tour started with the best barbecue in the nation.  From California...


The Ultimate Holiday Smoked Turkey

Smoked Turkey
The Best Smoked Turkey Ever from the Grill or Even Your Oven! It all starts with a simple set of ingredients and a set of...