Finding the Best BBQ in Tennessee Just Got Easier!

Everyone knows the best BBQ is made in Tennessee.  The problem is actually finding the best places to go to for it.  Well, we just made this a whole lot easier for you with this list of 13 of the Best Places to find great Barbecue in Tennessee.

All of these places are great, so their’s no number #1 and these are not listed in any particular order, so let’s get started on the list so you can get started on finding them and getting some of the best BBQ the state of Tennessee has to offer.

Here we go!


13. A&R Bar-B-Que

13) A&R Bar-B-Que

Considered to many the, “best bbq joint in Memphis,” A&R joins the Tennessee ranks as an awesome spot to grab some ribs. The decor may not be West Elm worthy, but the food will keep you stuffed and happy for sure.


Thirteen places, 13 opportunities to rock your taste buds. We bet you can’t even wait to book a ticket to Tennessee, hey? We’ll welcome you with open arms.


  1. Ive only been to 3 of these but there are others that ive tried that surely should be on the list, Calhouns, Martins, Memphis…..

  2. Witt’s…seriously??? To quote Fred Sanford “No taste. It’s like eating a handkerchief. You can eat a meal and belch, and it wouldn’t remind you of nothing!!!” Most bland BBQ ever. Martin’s is great. Uncle Sam’s in Shelbyville is great. Better Days BBQ in Smyrna is great.


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