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    The Ultimate Guide to Grilling Corn

    Grill Your Corn to Perfection Every Time Using the Steps Below!

    Are you a Grill Master or are you just getting started?

    Either way, taking your corn from the kitchen and throwing it on the grill is not as simple as it sounds.

    Try the different methods outlined here and you will find yourself indulging in the perfect Grilled Corn experience again and agin.

    Be sure to follow the Steps outlined here and you will be in corn heaven in no time.

    Read On!

    There are two main steps to selection: First, try to get local in-season corn. Second, you’ll want to check that the husks look fresh and green. The husks should be tight to the cob and none of the leaves should be falling off. One more tip is to feel along the outer husk and make sure that the rows seem neat and tight. It’s bad form to peel husks and check out the cob while you’re shopping, but you don’t have to peel to check the cob top. If the top of the cob isn’t too dry, you should be good to go. Just remember to cook it the day you get it, because the longer fresh corn sits after it’s picked, the more the sugar converts to starch.

    To Oil or Not to Oil
    Anything goes. Add a little bit of olive or vegetable oil to optimize kernel roasting.

    Ember-Roasted Corn and Leeks. Photo: Kyle Johnson

    To Husk or Not to Husk
    As for getting that cob on the grill, rest the naked corn directly on the grill. Make sure the cob is parallel to and lodged in between the grates, or else you may have a cob rolling situation on your hands. The whole process shouldn’t take any longer than 10 minutes. Just make sure you’re rotating the cobs every two minutes or so. Some kernels will be darker than others, but that’s all part of the fun and makes for beautiful presentation.

    But if you’re feeling up for a little adventure, do it Morocco’s way: don’t de-silk, husk, or soak—and throw fresh corn right on top of the embers. Once the husks are charred and hot, they peel back easily. Just shuck and eat.

    Corn and Zucchini Salad with Feta. Photo: Roland Bello

    Season and Serve
    Always season after. We recommend dressing corn on the cob with a compound butter made of some combination of herbs, salt, and pepper. At Pinche Taqueria, the secret is to pull the corn off the grill and then brush it with a chipotle mayo.




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