Thursday, September 23, 2021
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    Home Grilling Need to Grill on the Go? Turn a Terracotta Pot into a...

    Need to Grill on the Go? Turn a Terracotta Pot into a Mini Barbecue!

    This Improvised Grill Will Keep Your Grilling Simple and Mobile!

    Headed to the park and they don’t have any grills available?  Heading to a remote campsite or going fishing and need a portable grill that doesn’t require gas?  No problem.  You are one Terracotta Pot away from a cheap and easy mobile Grill that is not just portable, but great for grilling up what you need to cook!

    Just a few pieces to the puzzle and you will be done and ready for transport.

    Just watch the video below and see how easy this on-the-go grill is to make!


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