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    Grilling the Perfect Beer Bratwurst

    Want the Perfect Brat Every Time You Grill?

    Everyone has their own secret perfect bratwurst recipe. Not being from Wisconsin, I can’t tell you if this recipe is perfect or not. What I can tell you is this recipe has produced for me some very delicious bratwurst. I have heard people say the Secret to great bratwurst is to simmer them in beer first (Really? Gee no kidding?), or cook them slow or make sure the fire is the right temp.

    In my experience, the secret is simply patience. How long to grill bratwurst depends on how you grill them. You can throw them straight on the grill which will take about 25-30 minutes or boil the brats in beer, wine or water for about 20 minutes. After boiling, then they are grilled for 4-6 minutes. Boiling them first (also called par-poaching) in beer first improves the flavor so dramatically its almost a sin just to throw them straight on the grill. Regardless, brats take a little while to cook thoroughly. If you rush, you could easily end up with a bratwurst that is burnt on the outside and not so done on the inside.

    If not handled properly, the long cooking time often burst the brat’s thin skin letting all the glorious juices out, causing a dried up brat.

    Bratwurst Tradition

    Due to the large German population, Wisconsin is known for their beer and bratwurst. Germans brought their bratwurst sausage recipes as they settled throughout the area in the 1800’s. Bratwurst is traditionally made from pork, although there is bratwurst that is all beef or other meats. In selecting which brand of bratwurst to cook is a personal choice. Johnsonville is a popular national brand and is as good as any unless you live in Wisconsin, where you can find many delicious alternatives.

    Although gas grills are fine to use, bratwurst tastes the best when grilled over charcoal or wood. I have seen some fry bratwurst in a pan, but this reduces the taste to nothing more than a large breakfast sausage. Here’s how to grill perfect bratwurst.


    Serve on good quality fresh baked rolls (not hot dog buns) and top with the onion and pepper mix that you sauteed, or with brown or deli-style mustard — or all of the above. If you like Sauerkraut on your brats, Use the fresh Sauerkraut from the refrigerated section of the supermarket. I like to use the Bavarian style with caraway seeds. Heat it in a pan with some course cracked black pepper.

    Bratwurst and Beer with sauerkraut is one of my favorite grilled foods. It is fun to cook and so delicious

    What do you think?


    1. ummm, grill FIRST, then the beer bath.
      and, ANY beer will do, INCLUDING light beers.
      But add a bottle of barbecue sauce to the beer and blend.
      toss in the onions and peppers then the grilled brats.
      that is the traditional Wisconsin way.

    2. OMG JIM? What planet are you from GRILL FIRST??? NONONO You want to par cook the raw tubes of pork first to a nice gray foamy color broth, then put on the grill to crisp them up and give them a brown crunchy exterior. If you are a true Wisconsinite what would you be drinking with that so called brat?


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