50 Best Barbecue Joints in America

Here are the Top 21-30 BBQ Joints!

30. Slows Bar-B-Q

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Foursquare rating: 9.33

Slows puts a gourmet twist on classic barbecue for dishes like baby back ribs dry rubbed in a blend of 13 spices, blackened catfish, and jambalaya packed with smoked chicken and spicy andouille sausage. And no meal at Slows can be completed without a beer … or two, or three. Choose from one of the 56 options on the spot’s iconic menu.

29. Saw’s BBQ

Location: Homewood, Alabama

Foursquare rating: 9.33

“If you like a vinegar-based barbecue, Saw’s is one of the top joints in Alabama,” Foursquare user Lee Tucker writes. “Good food in a cool atmosphere. The pulled pork was excellent: very tender, juicy with a good taste.”

While you’re there, be sure to sample Saw’s signature white sauce.

28. Chaps Pit Beef

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Foursquare rating: 9.33

What started as two guys selling beef, ham, and sausage out of a literal shack is now one of Maryland’s top barbecue joints. Twenty-seven years later, Chaps Beef Pit has been featured on shows like “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” to “Man v. Food” to “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.”

27. Franklin Barbecue

Location: Austin, Texas

Foursquare rating: 9.33

Texans flock to Austin’s Franklin Barbecue for some of the best smoked meat in the Lone Star State. Arguably more famous than the food itself, the line can stretch four to five hours long. It’s worth it to hold out for the spot’s fatty brisket and juicy pulled pork, though. Locals also love the Tipsy Texan, a sky-high sandwich bursting with brisket, coleslaw, pickles, and sausage.

26. Prohibition Pig

Location: Waterbury, Vermont

Foursquare rating: 9.33

Though pricier than the typical barbecue joint, upscale Prohibition Pig in Waterbury offers elevated options such as a whole pit-smoked chicken topped with a hush puppy garnish, or the “Hoosier Daddy” sandwich filled with breaded pork loin and pickles. With more than 20 craft beers on tap, a complementary brew is never hard to come by.

25. Fat Matt’s Rib Shack

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Foursquare rating: 9.34

Only two main dishes are on the menu at Fat Matt’s Rib Shack in Atlanta: ribs and chicken. Skip the bird in favor of the joint’s namesake dish. Moist, falling off the bone, and doused in a tangy sauce, the ribs never disappoint. Foursquare users recommend the rum baked beans and collard greens to finish off the meal.


24. Heirloom Market BBQ

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Foursquare rating: 9.34

A tiny, no-frills spot, Heirloom Market BBQ in Atlanta marries Korean barbecue with its Texas-style cousin. Regulars rave about the spicy Korean pork sandwich, which includes a chunk of gochujang-marinated pork topped with a generous helping of kimchi slaw for a bold combination of spicy, smoky, and sweet.

23. Little Miss BBQ

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Foursquare rating: 9.34

Smoked fresh daily on Arizona oak and pecan, the meat at Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix comes out moist and tender. The wait is regularly two hours or more, but it’s worth it for a hunk of fatty, melt-in-your-mouth brisket. Round out the meal with a scoop of creamy jalapeño cheddar grits.

22. Green Street Smoked Meats

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Foursquare rating: 9.34

The best place to find Texas-style barbecue in Chicago, Green Street Smoked Meats features straightforward offerings such as sliced brisket, pork belly, ribs, and even Frito pie. Rustic, wooden decor under a sky of twinkling lights gives the joint a cozy, down-home vibe that will transport you right back to summer family cookouts.

21. RayRay’s Hog Pit

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Foursquare rating: 9.35

Served every weekend out of a food truck in Columbus, the meat at RayRay’s Hog Pit comes from local farms and is smoked 12 to 16 hours to produce the telltale pink smoke ring of a quality slab. Slather on one of the spot’s homemade sauces, such as sweet BBQ or habanero BBQ, for an extra dose of flavor, though the meat stands alone if you prefer your ribs dry.

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2 thoughts on “50 Best Barbecue Joints in America

  • October 6, 2016 at 12:27 pm

    While this is an impressive list, I am not sure that Foursquare represents a valid cross section of BBQ aficionados (experts for us country folk), as evidenced by the number of NYC listings in the top 50. I have had some good BBQ in NYC, but not that many to rank in the top 50, especially given the range of good places in the rest of the country. I think I have been to about 1/4 of the places on this list 🙂

  • October 9, 2016 at 2:30 pm

    Most definitely a subjective list here


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