50 Best Barbecue Joints in America

Here are the Top 31-40 BBQ Joints!

40. Hard Eight BBQ

Location: Coppell, Texas

Foursquare rating: 9.26

Rustic decor and a packed menu of authentic Texas barbecue make a meal at Hard Eight BBQ feel like a family cookout. Along with onion-topped rib-eye and cut-to-order prime rib, the staff always serves up a hearty portion of Southern hospitality.

39. Jethro’s BBQ

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

Foursquare rating: 9.28

Part sports bar, part barbecue joint, Jethro’s BBQ serves up slow-cooked meat and handcrafted sides, all made fresh daily. Inside, the space aims to evoke the feeling of eating around a campfire during a cattle drive — without missing a single NFL game, that is.

38. Freedmen’s

Location: Austin, Texas

Foursquare rating: 9.29

Stop by Freedmen’s in Austin for an upscale twist on barbecue, thanks to rustic decor, a menu of intricate cocktails, and a Sunday brunch complete with barbecue Benedict. Offbeat options, such as grilled cabbage slaw, house-made sausage, and smoked banana pudding give it an edge in flavor as well.

37. Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Foursquare rating: 9.29

Sweet Lucy’s offers typical barbecue staples, like pulled pork and beef brisket, as well as unusual sides like cheesy spinach and cucumber-tomato salad.

“Phenomenal BBQ joint!” Foursquare user Donnie H. writes. “Beef brisket is fantastic, along with pretty much every one of their sides! Great laid back atmosphere as well!”

36. Pecan Lodge

Location: Dallas, Texas

Foursquare rating: 9.3

After Pecan Lodge proprietors Justin and Diane quit their corporate jobs to spend more time as a family, they started selling their smoked meat at the local farmer’s market. Word spread about their tiny stand, blessing the couple with long lines that soon warranted a full-blown storefront. Stop by for smoked meats, loaded sweet potatoes, and hand-battered fried chicken.

35. JR’s Barbecue

Location: Culver City, California

Foursquare rating: 9.31

JR’s Barbecue in Culver City starts with mesquite, white oak, and pecan wood for smoking, followed by a custom dry rub to bring out the meat’s flavor. But the real magic is the spot’s homemade sauce: hot, spicy, and sure to give even the biggest hot-sauce connoisseurs a run for their money.


34. La Barbecue Cuisine Texicana

Location: Austin, Texas

Foursquare rating: 9.31

An Austin favorite, La Barbecue Cuisine Texicana cooks up classic barbecue options that are pricey, but worth it. The simple menu boasts a whole lotta meat: sausage, brisket, pulled pork, two kinds of ribs, and a selection of hefty sandwiches.

33. Lockhart Smokehouse

Location: Dallas, Texas

Foursquare rating: 9.32

When you order at Lockhart Smokehouse, the meat is pulled directly from the smoker and sliced up before your eyes. Load up on lean beef shoulder clod, smoky dry rubbed ribs, or juicy pork chops. Grab a few sausage links as well — it’s the only place in Dallas where you can score Kreuz Market sausage.

32. Sweet P’s Barbeque & Soul House

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

Foursquare rating: 9.32

The menu at Sweet P’s Barbeque & Soul House in Knoxville overflows with soul food classics, from Tennessee beef brisket to pimento cheese dip to banana pudding. In addition to serving top-notch ‘cue, Sweet P’s doubles as a concert venue, hosting free performances by local artists.

31. Andy Nelson’s Southern Pit Barbecue

Location: Cockeysville, Maryland

Foursquare rating: 9.33

Slow cooked until it falls off the bone and simmered in the Nelson family’s Memphis-style heirloom sauce, the barbecue at Andy Nelson’s is always fresh and flavorful. Steeped in over 30 years of family tradition, the restaurant makes everything from scratch and touts friendly service as a top priority.

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2 thoughts on “50 Best Barbecue Joints in America

  • October 6, 2016 at 12:27 pm

    While this is an impressive list, I am not sure that Foursquare represents a valid cross section of BBQ aficionados (experts for us country folk), as evidenced by the number of NYC listings in the top 50. I have had some good BBQ in NYC, but not that many to rank in the top 50, especially given the range of good places in the rest of the country. I think I have been to about 1/4 of the places on this list 🙂

  • October 9, 2016 at 2:30 pm

    Most definitely a subjective list here


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