Your Barbecue Bucket List Starts Here!

Texas has some incredible barbecue and to say which place is the best would be a highly contested issue, but if you need to put anything on your bucket list of places to eat before you die, then you need to look at the 17 locales listed here and make sure you get to every single one.

Love barbecue?  Then get started tearing this list apart!


17. Smitty’s Market – Lockhart

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Flickr/Wally Gobetz

Lockhart is undoubtedly the BBQ capital of Texas. Smitty’s has only been open since 1999, but nevertheless has a long smoky because of its location in the old Kreuz Market. Here the food is served on butcher paper sans sauce and utensils. The brisket is a must but for me it is their sausage that truly stands out.



  1. I’ve traveled all over Texas in my “on the road” career and I’m disappointed Longhorn BBQ in San Benito isn’t on this list. Too far out of the way, perhaps?

    • I think maybe because of the area. Most people don’t associate the Rio Grand Valley with bbq. Typically most would think Tex Mex for the area. I’ve been to Longhorn bbq, and aside from the great bbq I also love their pecan pie.

  2. Agreed… Although you really missed a couple of the best. Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood and Smoky G’s in Van Alstyne. Blacks Hamds down over Smittys or Kreuz.

  3. You sadly missed Blue Moon in Hearne, TX. Best brisket, chicken, ribs, and potato salad. Best part is, they are consistent. Day in and out is the same great Q.

  4. Blacks is not good enough to top a BBQ list in Texas. There is one in Cuero, one or two in Llano and two in Waco that are better. Read the post and comment below…..they are accurate

  5. I waltzed across Texas and hit every BBQ joint listed here and then some and I can tell you that great BBQ ain’t rocket science……….make it yourself ya lazy Pilgrims.
    Every one listed here is nothing but PR and BS.

    • I’ve lived the Garland since 69 and had never heard of Hutchin’s until I stumbled across them on a short cut from Culleoka to Dallas. One of the best brisket’s if not the best I’ve ever eaten. Their broccoli salad is awesome as well.

  6. I have to question Black’s being on this list much less topping it. I’ll give them another try just to be fair.


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