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    Home Grilling 14 Unbelievable Grills that Take Barbecuing to the Next Level

    14 Unbelievable Grills that Take Barbecuing to the Next Level

    Ever Thought of Building Your Own Grill?  Take a Look at the Possibilities!

    Every now and then we take a look at the creative side of grilling and barbecue and find that some backyard chefs take their love of grilling and smoking meats to an extreme beyond reason.

    If you are a fan of grilling or just like to see how crazy and creative a true backyard grilling expert can get, then take a look through this gallery of incredible creations created with one thing in mind….grilling!

    Here we go!

    Now, if you travel a lot, you might want a grill like this.  It’s kind of portable:

    Oil Tanker Grill

    This one is definitely built to travel, but by rail, not road:

    Train Grill

    This one is definitely meant for travel…have a Bike Rally near you?  This is the grill you need:

    Motorcycle Grill

    Now things are getting crazy…Talk about an All Terrain grilling experience…

    ATV BBQ Grill


    Now I don’t know if this one is supposed to be a Dragon or what, but its pretty darn close to one don’t you think?  Not to mention, I am sure it has spit fire a few times for sure…

    Dragon BBQ Grill

    This one is almost a home away from home…

    Cabin BBQ Grill

    This one is just one hot rod grill…

    Car Engine Grill

    If you like this one of a kind Cow Grill…

    Cow Grill

    …then you’ll really love this one of a kind “Pig” grill.

    Pig Grill

    Then you have this highly modified car grill…

    Car Hood grill

    I don’t know if you can tell what this one is…I don’t want to be a spoiler…

    Spoiler Porche Grill

    And an Armadillo?  Really?

    Armadillo BBQ Grill

    So is this one a rocket or a grill, I can’t tell?

    Rocket Grill

    And last but not least, we have the need for speed…when grilling.

    Jet Barbecue Grill

    Well that’s it.  I hope you enjoyed seeing this incredible showcase of 14 very unique and crazy barbecue grills made with love by those who want more from their outdoors and backyard grilling experience.  I know I did.

    Now share these with your friends and see what they think!


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